Our Great Promise Keeper

Pastor Damian Teachings

Our Great Promise Keeper

You have kept your promise to your servant, …

You made that promise with your own mouth, and with Your own hands You have fulfilled it today.”  (2 Chronicles 6:15 NLT)


             The verse above is part of a prayer offered by King Solomon, the son of David, at the time of the dedication of the Temple he built for the Lord in Jerusalem. He begins his prayer with thanksgiving to the Lord for His great faithfulness to His word. God made those promises to David and to Solomon and He kept every one of them!

             God is a Promise Keeper! The Bible teaches us that every promise of God is “backed up by His NAME. This means that He Himself is the Personal Guarantor of  EVERY promise in the Bible. God made provision for all Solomon was called to do an entire generation before he was born! He gave King David the passion, the fire, the resources, the connections and relationships to those resources. He gave David great FAVOR with Gentile Kings and others. EVERTHING Solomon would need to fulfill his destiny in building the Temple was “set-up” by God before Solomon was born!

Do we realize that every promise God has made, and ever makes to us HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVIDED FOR BY HIM in the same way it was for Solomon? God never makes a promise without making the appropriate provision to fulfill it. He makes the promise with his own mouth – we are called to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God! Then He fulfills them with HIS OWN HAND. That hand is never incapacitated; it’s never “short”; it reaches where it needs to and accomplishes what it must! His hand NEVER FAILS to accomplish a promise! He is never surprised so that He doesn’t have the resources to keep a promise. But there’s more…

God kept those promises to Solomon for his father David’s sake. It was because David was a “man after God’s own heart” that God favored Solomon and blessed him. God didn’t base his promise keeping upon Solomon’s performance. He based it on David’s. That’s called GRACE – undeserved and unearned FAVOR of God. Do you know that God keeps His promises to us for the sake of the Son of David, Jesus and not our performance either? It’s called GRACE – undeserved and unearned FAVOR! We serve a Great Promise-Making AND Promise-Keeping God! He never, ever fails to do what he promises! Now that is Someone we can TRUST unquestionably and without ever doubting Him.

Has He made a promise to you? He will keep it. He is so faithful that the confirmation that He will KEEP His promise is established by the fact that He MADE it in the first place. So, when you have any promise from God, IT’S AS GOOD AS DONE! You should just begin to thank Him for the answer!

May the Lord bless you and your family,

Pastor Damian