Living by God’s Power

Pastor Damian Teachings


Living by God’s Power

“For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power.”

1 Cor. 4:20


We have become accustomed to hearing a lot of sermons, a lot of teaching, a lot of preaching on the Kingdom of God and the Good News of the Kingdom.We heard on Sunday that the Good News of the Kingdom is that the time of God’s favor had come – the time of Jubilee!What does this really mean? We found out it means it is a time where every slave is released, where every inheritance is restored; where every sickness and malady is eradicated; where relationships are reconciled.It is a time of joy! A time of provision and abundance!A time of celebration!


Jesus prayed to the Father as He was teaching His disciples to pray:“…Let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN” (emphasis added).This will not happen just by our speaking some formulation of words or doing a lot of talking about it – for the Kingdom is not a matter of talk but of living by God’s power.How do we live by God’s power?We need to have a living relationship with Him so that He can freely live through us to accomplish His will within our sphere of influence on the earth!This may sound difficult or mysterious but it is not.It just means we have to surrender control.It means we have to be constant communication with our Lord, our Bridegroom, our Friend.It means that we have to live a Spirit-filled life. It means we have to sacrifice some things so that we can remain sensitive to Him, so that we can hear His voice and sense His direction.It means we are going to have to forsake some behaviors we have been clinging to, some habits that we have allowed to rule, and turn from the idols we have been worshipping and allow Him to purify us so that He can rule in us and through us.


What will this produce?The Kingdom coming and God’s will being done in every situation we encounter in our sphere of influence on earth; God’s will being done in problems that come to our attention; the issues that plague our families;to those living on our blocks, to those we meet in the supermarket, at our job, on our commute.God’s will WILL be accomplished and His Kingdom will be made manifest! Through YOU!!! Through ME!!As we obey His timing, His leading, His direction, His instruction!How awesome is that??


It’s time to really live!Cast off your shackles – the shackles this world system has placed on you, the shackles the past has placed on you, the shackles your issues have placed on you, the shackles the enemy has placed on you and the shackles you have placed on yourself!For the time of God’s favor has come!To you right now, to your family, to your neighborhood, to your Island, to your city!They are desperate needing to see the Kingdom manifested in your life so that they too can experience it and be saved and set free.You are free to live the life that God has ordained for you to live by HIS POWER – not your own – by HIS POWER, not the power from this world – by HIS POWER.


So let’s make a quality decision once and for all, to live for the Lord and His Glory – not matter what the cost! The cost of not doing so is much too great to imagine! The whole creation is groaning as it awaits the manifestation of the sons of God – that means US! Let’s get into position! Let’s get into condition! Let’s get on with our commission!


May the Lord bless you continually,

Pastor Nancy