Pastor Damian Teachings


“If my people…will humble themselves…and pray…”

(2 Chron. 7:14)

Who can adequately fathom the magnitude of the great promises of God? They are gigantic, powerful, all-encompassing; they enable us to become partakers of the Divine Nature. Imagine all of God’s power, provision, wisdom, direction, instruction and guidance that is available to all His children – EVERYTHING we will ever need at any time! You could fill all the oceans with them and still have more promises to pour out! All of God’s promises; all of His abundance; all of His Kingdom blessings hinge upon one, little, two-letter word….”If.”

When we think of the cost of prayer, we think of the time it takes to engage in it; the effort needed to schedule that time; and the time needed to spend in God’s Word to provide a foundation for all of our prayers. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Who has that kind of time? Surely, God knows my heart. If I had more time, I would be able to pray more. Yes, prayer is “expensive,” but I want you to take a moment to think of how expensive PRAYERLESSNESS is…

When we don’t pray, all of heaven’s provision is stopped up. All of the abundance of wisdom, knowledge, direction, guidance and power will never reach us, or our need – REGARDLESS OF HOW DESPERATE IT IS – until and unless WE PRAY! In Matthew 6, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. It’s the only thing in the Gospels that records what they asked Him to teach them. Can you imagine the impression they had about the practice of prayer by our Lord? Whatever it was, it was enough for them to desire to know how to do it. Jesus gave them the desired lesson, which is called “The Lord’s Prayer.” In it, Jesus said we should pray, “…Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” I don’t understand, doesn’t God WANT to do His will on earth as it is in heaven? Who can counter the will of Almighty God? Isn’t His will going to be done, no matter what? I mean, it’s inevitable…isn’t it? NO, it’s not inevitable. There are some who say, “It really doesn’t matter, God’s Will is going to be done anyway, right? WRONG! This is a philosophy called FATALISM; and it’s an erroneous, worldly philosophy! God is waiting to do His will, BUT HE’S WAITING FOR US TO PRAY FOR ITS ACCOMPLISHMENT BEFORE HE DOES IT.

Now, you can begin to see how powerful this two-letter word really is. “IF” Everything God wants to do; all He has to provide rests on one thing, WE MUST ENGAGE IN PRAYER! If we do, then we will see His will done on earth as it is in heaven. So, will you pray? Will you learn to pray more powerfully? Will you engage yourself to become more skilled at praying more discerning prayers? Will you determine to grow in your experience of prayer, commensurate with your knowledge of God and His will for your life? IF you and I pray, GOD WILL ANSWER! He will not move until and unless we do!

Beloved, all of heaven is waiting to be dispensed upon the needs of earth, IF we pray. I want to challenge you to pray daily; attend prayer meetings each time we call them. There are treasures in store for you and your family, our community and our city IF we pray. The next move is yours…..

May the Lord bless you continually and answer you out of Zion? Pastor Damian