Calling Down the Kingdom

Pastor Damian Teachings

 “Calling Down the Kingdom”

“…but constant prayer was offered to God by the church for him.”(Acts 12:5b)


Prayer is the MOST POWERFUL weapon available to the church. Yet, it is also the MOST MISUNDERSTOOD and the MOST NEGLECTED means available to us to CHANGE the course of events in this world and the world to come.

I would like you all to think of a situation in your life that you’re now struggling with. This may be a personal struggle or it may involve a loved one. Is it big enough to imagine what would happen if God Himself would come down and just deal with it for you? The early church had such a problem. James had been arrested and killed. Now, because it was politically popular, Peter was arrested and imprisoned. Satan was trying to attack the leaders of the church in an effort to “scatter the sheep” once the Shepherds were out of the way! James was the head of the Jerusalem council after Peter. This was the enemy’s strategy then, and now.

While a number of questions may arise in our minds regarding this event in the early church, one thing is certain. Peter was released MIRACULOUSLY from prison for one reason; constant prayer was offered to God on his behalf! Think about what happened. The scriptures don’t tell us that the church prayed a series of scripted, “release-from-prison” prayers published by a specialist in that area.We are not told how long they prayed, if they took breaks for sleeping, eating or anything else. We are simply told that they prayed constantly for Peter. Here’s a little insight I’d like to share with you. If the methodology, words, sequence of events of the prayer meeting were so important for us to know, GOD WOULD HAVE HAD LUKE WRITE THOSE DETAILS INTO THE ACCOUNT! But, he didn’t. What he did include was that the prayer was CONSTANT. Are you starting to catch on here?

Powerful things can happen when the church prays! The issue is not that we use the wrong words or formulae. THE ISSUE IS THAT WE STOP PRAYING ALL TO SOON!!! Let’s face it; sometimes it TAKES A CRISIS to get us to pray more than a few minutes, several times a day. An EMERGENCY can cause us to skip a meal, lose sleep and stay up long into the night asking God to intervene. Isn’t it amazing how a crisis can help us energize, reprioritize and engage the Spirit world with an ATTITUDE that won’t accept “No” for an answer? THAT is what is so powerful about constant prayer!

Can you imagine what would be possible if we prayed like that REGULARLY, without the “help” of a crisis? Political, social, economic decisions would be overturned, averted, and overridden! God would rule! HIS AUTHORITY would PREVAIL! This is the effect of constant prayer. If we prayed because we UNDERSTOOD, and BELIEVED in the POWER of prayer so that we ENGAGED in it CONSISTENTLY, we’d call down the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth! God’s will would replace man’s will. EVERYTHING would change to conform to the WILL of God!

You know, we’re not waiting for God. God is waiting for us! He’s waiting TO RESPOND…to CONSTANT prayer! Let’s call down the Kingdom TODAY. Let’s learn how much power is available to us and do what the early church did. LET US PRAY!


May the Lord bless you continually,

Pastor Damian