Our vision is to glorify God and His Son, Jesus Christ, making Him known through creating a family-based community of house churches, as well as special, periodic convocational meetings. Following this New Testament model, our aim is to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to our community and beyond; making disciples of Christ and training and developing them to spiritual maturity to continue the same. This is accomplished through mothering and fathering a generation to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and commission them to use them in the community at large. In the context of a spiritual family, we believe that raising up spiritual mothers and fathers is key to expanding the Kingdom of God, which transcends the borders of a local building or denomination. We will establish many such families throughout our city, making a Kingdom impact on this generation and the ones to follow.

Mission Statement:

To raise up spiritual sons and daughters, enabling them to discover their purpose and develop their spiritual gifts in response to the call of God on their lives, impacting their communities right where they are.  This will occur through building strong relationships, providing training, coaching and guidance to equip each one to reach their God-given potential. We believe that every believer is a minister and aim to send them into our communities in the demonstration of the Spirit and Power, to make a Kingdom impact in every level of our culture.