The Miracle of Christmas

Pastor Damian Teachings

“The Miracle of Christmas”

 “Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means God with us.” (Luke 1:23)

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! I’m sure that is true for many of us for different reasons. However, there is one reason that it is indeed the MOST wonderful time! This is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Messiah!

The story of the birth of Jesus is all about miracles! The first is His miraculous birth. Prophesied by Isaiah, we are told that a virgin will conceive and bear a son. Jesus was born of a virgin by the power of the Most High God working through the Holy Spirit. There was no human male agency involved in this event! It was miraculous! This is so important because of what the scripture states as the Name of the One born of a virgin. Immanuel. His Name means, “God with us.” If there were any male human agency involved in Jesus’ birth, he wouldn’t be divine. Jesus IS God in human form.

This brings us to another “miracle” of Christmas. That is, the fact that Jesus had a human mother. This means that he possesses the nature that all of us have. He knows how we tick; He knows what we’re made of; He knows how we feel, think and react to things. HE IDENTIFIES WITH US! This is the “…with us” miracle of His Name!

So, why was this the only recorded event in scripture where angels appear to shepherds in the field to announce it? Because God Himself was coming to visit mankind so He could redeem it, heal it and save it eternally! If he were not human, how could we possibly identify with Him? If He were not God, how could He possibly save, heal and redeem us?

You see, the miracle of Christmas is Jesus Christ. He is the Primary One. There is another miracle, however. That is YOU and all who are born again of the Spirit of God. All who have become sons and daughters of God! He lives in each of us! We have the Spirit of Christ dwelling in us. God is not only “with us” but – through New Birth – He is IN us! Let’s allow this truth be the experience that makes this Christmas Season so special this year! Let’s tell everyone about the miracle we experienced, and invite them to experience it too!!

May the Lord bless you and your family this Christmas! 

Love in Christ, Pastor Damian