How Well Do You Know God?

Pastor Damian Teachings

How Well Do You Know God?

“…you will grow as you learn to know God better and better.”

(Colossians 1:10c)

Do you know what a Pastor’s job is? Some may think it’s just to preach a sermon each week. Some to encourage others and make them feel good; to make hospital visits; perform marriages and funerals and pray for them when they ask for it. Every true Pastor’s job can be summed up in the statement made here by the Apostle Paul. It’s the goal of every Pastor for his congregation;that you will grow and learn to know God better and better.

Everything a Pastor does has this singular goal as its purpose. Paul describes that learning to know God better is possible. Not only that, but it must be achieved ONLY when each believer goes through the PROCESS necessary to know God better. There was a time in my life when I didn’t know a person can know God, let alone knowing Him better and better! How is this done?

Well, it’s not automatic. It only happens when the process is pursued intentionally and consistently. The process involves CHOICES. We have to choose to live a lifestyle that honors God, not just on Sunday, but every day. Paul says that “the way you live” will always honor and please God. Does EVERYTHING we do daily honor Him? Does EVERYTHING we do daily please Him? It was Paul’s expectation that the believers in Colossae did so; and it’s GOD’S desire that we do too.

The way we know that our lives honor and please God is by the “fruit that our lives produce”. Paul says that believers should produce every kind of good fruit. Not just fruit, but GOOD fruit. Not just ONE kind of fruit (ie: we should all be loving, etc.) but EVERY KIND OF good fruit. Think of that; each believer is to produce a variety of good fruit arising out of a lifestyle that strives to continually know God better! This is New Testament Christianity. It was the standard Paul expected and prayed that his congregation achieved, and it’s the same for our congregation today!

So, what does it take to achieve this goal? Paul prays the KEY INGREDIENTS for his “sheep”. They needed a complete knowledge of God’s will and the spiritual wisdom and understanding to discern it and accomplish it! WOW! THIS IS MORE THAN HEARING A SERMON ON SUNDAY, HUH? Do you have a COMPLETE knowledge of God’s will for your life? Do you possess and increasing wisdom and understanding in discerning it as you’ve walked with the Lord since you were born again? You see, a Pastor’s job is not to “perform” on Sunday and hope he becomes more popular with his congregation. It is to SHEPHERD God’s flock so they can live a fruitful life; grow in wisdom and understanding; and live a life that HONORS and PLEASES God. After all, you are HIS sheep. A shepherd must be sure to give back to God what is His, IN BETTER CONDITION THAN THEY WERE WHEN THAT SHEPHERD RECEIVED THEM FROM THE LORD!

How about you? Are you growing? Are you fruitful? Are you wiser in your understanding of spiritual things than when you first became born again? We’re all here to help each of you arrive at this destination that Paul prayed. It’s what God wants. It’s what Shepherds want. Is it what YOU want?