Digging Up Blessings in the Desert

Pastor Damian Teachings

“Digging Up Blessings In The Desert”

“There the Israelites sand this song, Spring up O well…”

(Num. 21:17-18)

In our culture of high-speed internet and instant gratification, we complain when things don’t come to us quickly enough or when it just takes too much effort to get what we want. Sometimes we transfer that attitude over to the things of the Spirit. When God doesn’t answer quickly enough, or when it takes too much effort, we often conclude (wrongly) that it must not be God’s will to have what we’re asking for.

What about when you’re in a desert? A desert is a place where there is no growth, no water, no food, the ground is hard and there are no prospects for improvement as far as the eye can see. How can you dig for blessings in this kind of environment? There was one answer for the Israelites, and there’s only one answer for us. BY FAITH!

Let’s get the “picture” here. The Israelites were traveling through a desert in obedience to God’s direction. They desperately needed water. They had no prospects. All they had was a “location” where water was provided in the past by Moses. All they had was a “promise”. What good is a promise in the desert where there are no prospects? The answer is “It’s no good.” That is, until it’s mixed with FAITH!

We need to learn how to dig our blessings out of the desert of circumstances by faith. In verse 17 it says that we should SING to the well which was dug up in the past by Princes and Leaders with their scepters and staffs! Here is the secret of receiving all your blessings in the worst of circumstances. We need to PRAISE the Lord for the answer before we receive it. We need to do so BY FAITH in the promises of God. This is represented by our STAFF. Remember when Moses obeyed God while leading the Israelites through the wilderness? He raised his staff and the waters parted; the rock broke out like a river; the plagues were launched in judgment against God’s enemies. Moses did this by FAITH (see Hebrews 11).

They also used their SCEPTERS. This represents their AUTHORITY as heirs and princes of the people. Now, let me remind you; if you and I are children of THE KING, that makes us …you guessed it, PRINCES AND PRINCESSES! That simply means that we have authority! It’s not in ourselves or our own name, BUT IN THE NAME OF THE KING TO WHOM WE BELONG! Whenever we’re in a desert place, we need to know the PROMISES of God. We need to receive their fulfillment BY FAITH. Finally we need to stimulate our faith and awaken our spirits THROUGH PRAISE! Yes, praise releases the blessings of God to us because praise releases our FAITH! You cannot complain and praise at the same time. You cannot worry and be anxious and praise at the same time. The key to abundant provision in the desert is to learn to sing PRAISES to God. Remember Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail? They we bound by their circumstances against their wills. How did the chains fall off and the prison doors open? THEY PRAYED AND SANG PRAISES to the Lord in their ‘desert’ and the WELL SPRANG UP!!

Today, especially if you’re in a desert, determine to DIG YOUR WELL BY FAITH. Get hold of the promise of God for you. Raise your voice of Divine authority in the Name of Jesus and SING, SING, SING! The well will surely open for you as it did by these Israelites. That’s the way it has always been. That’s the way it will always be!

May the Lord continually bless you in your PRAISE.

Blessings, Pastor Damian