Because He Lives!

Pastor Damian Teachings




“Because He Lives…!”

“…can these bones become living people again?”   (Ezekiel 37:3)

          The verse above may not seem to have anything to do with the Easter Season we’re celebrating at this time; but I assure you it has EVERYTHING to do with it! 

We are living in a culture that seems to have more of a focus on death than life! The Walking Dead is a very popular TV series; movies are being made concerning the apparently inevitable Zombie Uprising that is going to come upon us – soon so some think. While I don’t watch these kinds of shows and movies, I did have an interesting conversation recently with someone who does. The show is not only about zombies who have died for some reason and are walking around, dead, seeking a meal. The “zombies” are also the living characters in the TV series. Apparently, there are many people whose lives are “dead” and lifeless on a number of levels, least of all physically. Folks are walking around with “dead emotions, hopes and dreams.” Their lives have been a series of failings and heartbreaks and they have become numbed to the world around them. Some people are walking around so hurt and wounded that they might as well be “skeletons.” Herein lies our question, “Can these bones become living people again?” The answer is, “Yes!” This is possible only because JESUS LIVES!

 The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead signaled the end of the reign of sin, death and hell over the human race. All those who put their trust in Christ, make the spiritual transition from death to life (John 5:24). They are enabled to live life like never before in this world; and eternally in the world to come! Because Jesus is alive, people with broken lives, dreams, relationships, emotions and wounded spirits can find LIFE when they put their trust in Christ! Because He is STILL ALIVE, He is continuing to heal the broken-hearted, heal the sick and raise the dead (physically and spiritually)!

 How does this happen? By the same way Ezekiel saw it happen in his vision. The Spirit of God comes through the spoken word of the prophet and what was once dead becomes alive! Do you know that this same process takes place each time we gather together to hear the Word of God preached or taught? Pastors and Teachers all over our city speaking the Word of God with Holy boldness and prophetic authority release the same Spirit to potentially raise anyone of the “walking dead” to life again. The key is that each hearer hears with an ear of faith! Whenever and as often as that happens, LIVE WILL BE RESTORED! Jesus, the Living Savior, has never left someone in a “dead” state who has heard His Word with faith-filled hearts!

 …and He never will. May you find new life today because He lives. Any time you feel something “die” inside, remember that the Living One can breathe life back into any and every situation where He encounters a faith-filled heart!


           May the Lord bless you this Resurrection Sunday and always as you behold Him  who is “…alive forever more.” (Rev. 1:18) 

          Love in Christ, Pastor Damian